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Rishtey - Bonding Across Borders

UAE stands for its initiative over peace and harmony. That is how UAE has harvested a cosmopolite culture unlike any other country in the world. Multicultural communities live together united, yet they face many challenges that stem from their cultural, ethical and religious differences.Rishtey which means “Relations” in Hindi and Urdu is a unique approach which can only be achieved in a country like the UAE. An idea of goodwill, friendship & unity among countries. By creating a Cricket league between India and Pakistan who are famous for their rivalry and love of cricket, we have given an opportunity to the respective communities to participate in this event and demonstrate that cricket can bring people together to achieve a social goal. Although India and Pakistan have everything in common such as the language, food and culture, political and radical agendas sometimes weakens this Golden relationship. A famous man once said “We should focus at our similarities, rather than our differences”.

Founded by three ordinary men, living in the UAE from India and Pakistan, Rishtey League is a non-profit social service event, aimed in becoming a benchmark for consolidating peace by sport and is hopeful in increasing its capacity to involve more countries in the years to come.

  • Our Vision

    Grow the Rishtey league by adding more teams from different countries and make a community world Cup … Some Day

  • Our Mission

    Promote peace and diversity across countries to bring worlds together

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We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.– Kofi Annan