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    Bonding Across Borders

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    professional Twenty 20 cricket

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    Win or lose we share our happiness

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    Great things can happen over a match

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    cricket fills our weekend

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    It's Not Just Cricket

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    H.E. Major General Mohd Buti Al Rumaithy

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    The Gaze

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    The Team Spirit

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    The Winner's Cup

Rishtey LeagueIndian and Pakistan Cricket Community

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The Game

Rishtey Cup is a professional Twenty20 cricket played in United Arab Emirates contested annually by teams representing different countries like India and Pakistan.

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Annual Cup

Rishtey inaugural match was scheduled on 1st Jan 2014 and it is contested annually each year. Rishtey is regarded as being held by the team that most recently won the Match.

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The Idea

This is sporting as well as a family social event and the real idea behind this event is to bring communities/families from India and Pakistan together to retain the bonding across borders

Two Teams & One Dream

Since the shorter format of Twenty20 became more popular and dominant, every nation and institution were looking for a commercially lucrative way in utilizing this format to their benefit in process creating Premier leagues and super leagues attracting Mass media and expensive players. People watching these games never had the chance to participate and represent their country atleast for once in their lifetime. ROYALS (a part of Indian community) and BASH11 (a part of Pakistani community) is that Chance for every individual who hungers to play on the field for their country first time being on the ground than Off the Ground. The Teams has selected normal individuals from residing in UAE to join the fun “Life is not a Spectators Sport... Anymore”

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Professional Twenty20 cricket in UAE

The Dream is to have a united India and Pakistan in every way. We stand for Unity, for Peace and for Love